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Humanity is going through a time of progress and, thoughtlessly managing natural resources and deadly discoveries, may be on the verge of an Apocalypse. In a science fiction film, the Lost future showed us how it could be. Instead of a comfortable and prosperous existence of a developed civilization, people, as in ancient times, tribes survive in the jungle. They live in huts and wear clothes like that. To get food, they are forced to fight with huge prehistoric animals, and armed for hunting only primitive axes and bows. A strange disease turns people into any aggressive zombies that roam the jungle in droves, attacking suddenly and infecting those who are still healthy. nnThe moment came, when the invasion of the infected mutants tribe From him, they learned about the miraculous yellow powder that can heal a person infected with the virus, as well as develop immunity. Many tests fell to the share of the brave Trinity, which by all means decided to find this remedy. nnThe events of the science fiction film in search of the future Lost future take place against the background of magnificent nature, untouched by civilization. The riot of the jungle and entwined with vines and ivy, the destroyed buildings of the city look very decorative, and the music is unobtrusive The action of the film has a continuous movement to the goal set by the main characters, and the exciting plot with elements of action and adventure will not leave the audience indifferent. The survival of humanity in the jungle of post-Apocalypse in a fantasy film the Lost future is another version of the tomorrow of human civilization.

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