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Original Title: Ice
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Audience
Creators: Robert Munic
Language: English
Description: The main characters of the story Jake and Freddie green are the sons of a wealthy Isaac green, who owns one of the most serious and profitable businesses in the world. The head of their family is engaged in the sale of diamonds, so even from a young age, the two brothers knew that at one time a great responsibility will fall on their shoulders. Isaac also constantly have to rotate in the center of a huge maelstrom of money, stones and buyers, so he should maintain a lot of contacts and even partly work with people that are directly related to the black market. Despite all the fear, he makes every effort to ensure that his business flourished and developed, and the same return he expects from his children, who are gradually introduced to the course of business, trusting them with more complex and responsible orders. But at one point, Freddie gets out of control, and he kills a man. As soon as Jake finds out about what happened, he hurries to help his brother. Together they carefully hide the body and after that trying to contain an avalanche of problems that followed the murder. Gangster groups are interested in their company, but no less interest is shown by FBI agents. Jake has to enter into a lot of new transactions and forge dozens of documents to somehow get out of the pit in which they all threw a rash act Freddy.

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