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Before us is a story that introduces the viewer to a guy named Alex and his team. The main characters of the Thriller "Convoy" must perform a very dangerous task, the failure of which will threaten them with a serious prison term or even death. Partners have to transport more than a ton of marijuana from a small Spanish city to one of the districts of Paris. And there are a number of restrictions. On the trip, the heroes will have only 24 hours, 4 cars and a very accurate route. But to pass the path length of 1800 kilometers will be very difficult. The essence of the task is quite clear to them, but the time limit makes the guys act very carefully, and in the end the journey takes a dangerous turn. The first trouble will begin at the checkpoint, where police officers will understand what exactly the heroes are transporting. To avoid detention, they have to take a girl hostage. The Frenchwoman was returning from a vacation in Morocco, and she was just unlucky to appear in this place. The girl's life is in danger, and the task of would-be drug dealers becomes impossible.

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