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In the seventies of the last century began to emerge as a genre of Comedy stand-up. At that time, many comedians and so could not get on stage without making a huge amount of effort for this, and now many have grasped this genre as a straw. Considering that no one managed to grab the idea all rushed to auditions, thus only increasing the demand for it. And because wanting to try yourself in the role of comedians became only more and everyone was confident in their success. But in fact, no matter how they all tried, so easy to get time on the channel did not work almost no one. at the same time, a couple of guys who dream a lot about being on stage decide that they have to come up with something out of the ordinary to be recognized and to be able to show the world what they can do. Then they came up with a great idea to show the story of life and not just some, but a real story about how difficult it is to become a comedian. At the same time, they should present it in such a way that people would be interested in watching it. Will they be able to present everything so as to bring smiles to the faces of the audience and make them laugh heartily, and at the same time and realize how difficult it is to be a comedian?

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