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  • Drama
A young doctor Mortimer Granville, recently graduated from medical school, looking for a job. In England in 1880, it is not an easy task, because among the doctors there are old methods of work, and the best treatment for diseases they consider bloodletting. Since Mortimer has more progressive views on the nature of diseases and methods of treatment, he is expelled from everywhere. And he smiled, his takes on the work of the London Dr. Dalrymple, who was famous for having invented the innovative method for the treatment of hysteria. Its essence consists in carrying out an intimate massage. The influx of patients with this disease from the doctor is so great that it becomes extremely difficult to cope with it. In order to solve the problem, the young doctor with the help of a friend Edmund invents an elegant electric device that can massage no worse than the hands of Dr. Dalrymple. The news of Mortimer's miraculous invention spreads throughout London in the blink of an eye...

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