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Original Title: Hunters
Channel: Syfy
Creators: Natalie Chaidez
Language: English
Description: People are so afraid that they are alone in the Universe that subconsciously want to come into contact with aliens. And in vain, according to the greatest thinker of our days, Stephen Hawking. Because there are two options: either their race is at such a low level of development that contact will be useless, or they are so superior to us that as equals, they will not treat us, which means that there will be a collision.nnThe second way the story develops in the series "Hunters" based on a series of books of Whitley Strieber's "Alien Hunter". To meet with the aliens had a Philadelphia policeman Flynn Carroll. The detective lost his wife-disappeared mysteriously. Although others convince Flynn that the wife just ran away, he does not believe it and is actively looking for her.nnIn the course of this search, Carroll goes to a secret organization, working on direct instructions from the government. The agents of this unit are hunting the most dangerous and elusive criminals. The shocking truth is that terrorists are of alien origin. The vast majority of earthlings, as usual, do not know anything about these sent Cossacks. But detective Carroll will probably have to join the fight against intergalactic crime.

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