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To paraphrase one notorious hero, we can say: people are divided into two categories: there are Hunters, and there are those who are destined to become a victim. Have Shot its the world and its brotherhood, in which reign violent laws. And still there are moths flying with gusto in this destructive light.nnThe organization that unites the hunters is very powerful. Its members are allowed to hunt other people's heads and commit blood feud. This is known even to a twelve-year-old boy, Gon Frix, who lives on the Whale island. Like many peers, gon dreams of becoming a hunter, but his aunt MiTo opposes this desire. The woman — his only relative after the boy's father took the path of ochotnicza and left the family.nnAnd yet Frixo sits on the sailing from ship island to face the new life. From this moment, in fact, for him and begins the test on whether he is ready to become a hunter. In path the boy finds new friends, which have its own the road. Life will give them a lot of hardships, but they are ready to withstand them.

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