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Original Title: Humans
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: Channel 4
Creators: Jonathan Brackley,Sam Vincent
Language: English
Description: Can the close co-existence of humans and robots be dangerous? The main characters of the film will have to get an answer to this question from their own experience. One family lives in a suburb of the alternative world, dominated by modern technology and products of technological progress. Recently, particularly popular there are robots servants. Their purpose is simple and clear – to help people in the performance of various duties, even if it is any dirty work. So people could at least a little ease the burden of worries, which fell on their shoulders with a stone. the Family living in the suburb of one of the cities, decided to get in the house of the "valuable" assistant robot the servant. At first everything was fine: nothing boded ill and the situation was extremely calm. However, over time, everyone began to notice that something was wrong in their home. It's the humanoid robot. Family members could not imagine the horror they would have to face. Robot assistant brought to the house alone problems and disasters, which every day is becoming more and more. Is there a way to fix this? And how to behave to people in a terrible situation in which they got? The dangerous neighborhood has left its mark.

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