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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Runaway synthetics, unsurpassed creations of the brilliant Professor David, fruitfully worked to put together a secret code, piece by piece located in the minds of each of them. This scheme is necessary for them to restore the viable functions of mechanized machines, which until some time successfully operated by modern humanity. They were purchased in almost every house and helped the owners to perform various responsibilities for housekeeping and other equally important matters. But over time, the situation got out of control, and people decided to put the robots out of order.However, they found a way to liberation, and were concerned about the burning issue of organizing a peaceful neighborhood with ordinary mortals. At the General meeting, the androids agreed that it is wiser to check the situation and not to rush to download the information they received at the cost of huge efforts to the world wide web. Against this outcome turned out to be a rebel Niska. At her own risk, she runs the program on the Internet, but, contrary to expectations, mass humanization did not happen. Only a small part was awakened and persecuted by the government.

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