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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The life of a man named Yavuz changed in an instant when his native Turkey was overtaken by trouble. The threat of revolution, several terrorist acts and pressure from other countries — all this has led to the plight of the state.the Government, which is well aware of the threat of such sentiments, decides to create a special detachment of 12 people. It includes experienced fighters of elite units, people who really know how to fight. Heads Yavuz.Their mission is to destroy the terrorists and all the bandits threatening the security of the state. Men will act again and again, working tirelessly until the level of state danger is reduced to zero.members of an elite unit can only trust each other. They have no room for error, and so 12 men become practically brothers. They sincerely trust each other and do not accept betrayal.each of the main characters of the series "Promise" at home waiting for native people. Beloved wives, girls, brothers and children. However, they cannot return. The past had to be forgotten in order to perform a really important task. The future of the whole of Turkey is in the hands of Yavuz, but the man himself thinks only about personal. His thoughts are taken by his beloved girl, with whom the main character did not even manage to say goodbye normally.