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German comedies always have a unique charm. Humorous Thriller "Hot cops" is no exception - in front of us an exciting and entertaining film, which is a pleasure to watch. In the center of the events are two unlucky guards from the German Embassy, located in one of the countries of Eastern Europe. Men see each other as enemies, so pay more attention to contrived confrontation than their own service. It will play a cruel joke with them, causing further trouble the heroes. Approach to service each of your guards. Former commando Luke used to solve all issues with brute force, which often does not bring the expected result. However, the man is convinced that doing the right thing and has no plans to change. Theo, in critical situations he always admits it is not his fists, and the brain that more than once helped him. Theo wants to be free and become a full-fledged police officer. During their change from Embassy Masha - the daughter of the influential Ambassador whom now heroes need to be found is kidnapped. The situation is complicated by the fact that Theo is in love with the kidnapped girl. Colleagues need to find a common language to solve the problems. And will help them in this magic hacker Niki.

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