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In addition to detectives, operatives and other defenders of law and order, successfully tracking down criminals and handcuffing them, for the success of a case often need negotiators – specialists who are able to calm down a terrorist or a crazy psychopath who took hostages, and give colleagues enough time for the operation. Jeff Talley worked as such a negotiator and was respected in the ranks of the secret services, but years of success dulled his vigilance, and the next thing ended tragically. Shocked by the event, Jeff left Los Angeles and went to live and work in a provincial town where the past would not remind him of himself. However, this plan was completely untenable when three teenagers who decided to turn a light robbery, stuck to the accountant of the mafia and jeopardized the work of the entire criminal group. After learning about Frank's past, the bandits turned to him for help, threatening in case of failure to deal with his family.

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