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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The series, entitled "Mr. Huten and lady", which brought together several genres such as adventure, detective and Comedy. The plot tells about a beautiful, young aristocrat named Alexander, by the will of fate working in the archive of the British Museum and dreaming of adventure. She was tired of this uninteresting, depressing, monotonous work. And here a miracle happens, the authorities decided to send her on a journey for artifacts for the Museum, which in turn will raise the status and prestige of the institution. So, Lady aristocrat embarks on a journey towards adventure and your dream. During the trip and search for the important things, Alexandra meets a clueless, wayward snapper by the name of Houten. A real treasure hunter and artifacts that have a price. And the more valuable the object, the greater the desire and desire to get it. Having met such an interesting and charming person as Alexandra, who attracted him with her wit and beauty. They created a tandem by working together. Thanks to his strength and desire to easily avoid difficult obstacles, and her prudence and education do not often get into such situations. The series is full of adventures, secrets, conspiracies, good jokes, beautiful views and of course, dangerous stories, which fall into the heroes of this series, circling the world in search of rare artifacts.