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Original Title: Homefront
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Creators: Lynn Marie Latham,Bernard Lechowick
Language: English
Description: When the hope for a peaceful life still warms the heart - this is the film the Last frontier (2013) directed by Gary Fleder in which he played the world-famous Jason Statham (Statham). His participation in the paintings of the Carrier and the Mechanic made these films megapopular. In the life of the protagonist of a criminal militant last frontier Phil Broker was full of shootings, threats and trouble. Pam. The film tells how a former agent of the Department of drug control, finally decided to end his professional career. He is determined to start a new Chapter in the book of life. He understands that now he should think about the closest and dearest - about his little daughter. Phil resigns and gets out of this town where he can't be sure about the safety of his family.nnThe film is based on the script of Sylvester Stallone, who many years ago wrote for himself, to the last keeps the audience in a tight tension, because it is - a real American action movie with skillfully twisted plot. Brokers with the film the Last frontier (2013) move in a calm and almost sleepy town. And here they are - a new home, a new quiet and safe work, new acquaintances and a new life away from the past. But, alas, this is only the first impression. Dreams of a normal life are destroyed almost instantly, and cute-looking town is only an illusion. Here everything is much worse-almost open drug trafficking, robberies, murders and impunity. The reality was very cruel. Phil Broker will not have to part with the weapon, because very soon there will be a conflict between him and the leader of the gang syndicate, drug dealer Morgan Bodine, nicknamed the alligator, whose role was played by James Franco. He is cruel and merciless. What will the main character do? About it and know the audience that will watch crime drama the Last line, which was released in 2013.

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