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A woman of Balzac's age is hard going through a recent divorce from her husband, left with two minor children from previous marriages in her arms. She, gathering all her strength, decides on a desperate act trying to change her life and start all over again, to achieve a well-deserved family happiness. Start a radical change in the fate of the person decides to change their place of residence. She's packing up and moving to Los Angeles is a metropolis filled with luxury life, continuous movement. The immediate proximity of Hollywood gives great scope for imagination and opens up great prospects in the search for a future career. Plunged headlong into the rich experience of the life of a huge city, the woman tries to find a suitable occupation that will provide a small family with a normal existence. You can watch Online again at home 2017 in good quality for free without registration.Continuous, persistent searches give unexpected results. A single mother gets a chance acquaintance with three young actors who dream of getting to the famous star factory. Until now, all their attempts to conquer the cinematic Olympus were unsuccessful, but the youth does not lose heart and continues to strive for the goal. Soon it turns out that new friends have unconventional views on family life. They promote an open relationship between the spouses. Such stars of the movie screen settle together with the woman and the presence change to unrecognizability her reality. A large family solves the problems together, supporting, if necessary, all the initiatives and plans of roommates. Once in their cozy the world breaks in unexpected news. Guys invites to the shooting of a famous film Director.

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