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Original Title: Hindsight
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: VH1
Creators: Emily Fox
Language: English
Description: Each of us sometimes flashed such a treacherous life: "Oh, if I knew that everything would turn out this way, would not have done so!". As they say, the back mind-it at all is strong. But, unfortunately, to start life with a clean slate is given only to the heroes of fantastic works. Becca from American romcom "Hindsight", which in Russian can be roughly translated as "backdating", the opportunity was there.nnOf course, she was lucky enough to rewind my life to birth but a very long and important period. Rebecca's in her forties, she's got a lot of problems, like most women at this age. She's not exactly unhappy, but she's absolutely happy, too. The first marriage she did not work, now she is on the eve of the second. But when the heroine wakes up on the wedding day, she finds herself in the distant past.nnIn the yard – 1995 year, Becky is still a young girl, her parents are still together, and with his best friend Jolly, she has not quarreled. Not panicking because of what happened, she decides to take advantage of what happened as a unique second chance and just live, possibly avoiding the mistakes that she had made in a past life. But how cool Rebecca decide to change their fate, already knowing one option for its development?

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