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Original Title: High Rise
Language: English
Description: Buy or get an apartment in a new high-rise building is very prestigious. Especially when you consider that around the house is a neighborhood with all the amenities at hand. There is a kindergarten, shops and swimming pool. In General, everything has been created to residents of the house did not have to walk far. All the events in the film, the high-rise 2015 watch online unfolding in the one house. Perhaps this will add a special flavor to the film. After all, these pictures are not so much.A serious drawback of this house is one — it brings together a huge number of different people. The main characters are literally locked in a small space of one house, not being able to go outside. Because the people of this house have found a strange way to have fun. A huge amount of hatred, contempt and neglect leads to the passions. Residents of high-rise buildings are divided into several warring clans. Inside the building begins a real war for food, water and stairs. There is always the division of the territory. There are even victims.The most amazing thing is that information about what is happening in the house does not come out. Residents carefully protect their own secret, because they find an unforgettable pleasure in their own game. Human cruelty goes beyond that. There's no way for outsiders to get in.Once the entrance is completely blocked. Now a lot of people are locked up where they can't get away. The war grows into something huge and large-scale, although the field of action remains unchanged. The same thing happens every night. Power systems are shut down, and with them disappears what makes the inhabitants of the film "high-Rise" people, not animals. The building is plunged into chaos. Only courage and bravery will help the main characters to survive in this madhouse. At the same time the house is able to find and expose the most terrible secrets of the human brain. Residents of this house will have to learn something new about themselves. Each of them has a line that can not be crossed. A terrible secret they cherish. But will remain those, that survived in this the strange a small a closed little world? Will keep someone in your mind?

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