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The creation of Malik Bader, a previously famous actor in the film The death of the President and Director of several films called Obsessed (2013) is another stunning American Thriller. Truly fascinating and exciting story deserves the highest ratings. The name of the film - Obsessed-in itself reports that the events will unfold around the unusual passion of a person when he becomes obsessed. The main character-a young, very shy and modest girl Bess. She has been in desperate search of her own ideal for a long time. And here is he found, in school. He becomes a young and very talented player. No girl from school can resist such a handsome athlete. Bess feels that she can no longer cope with her stormy passion for young Scott. However, the guy is more busy with his health after a knee injury and does not pay attention to anything around. Even his girlfriend can't get any attention from him. But when he realizes that he is being pursued, and his girlfriend begins to receive threats, the first thing he thinks of Bess. The girl lost control of herself and began to follow the object of her love, or is someone else hiding behind these events? It is not necessary to draw conclusions about people based on the first impression and rumors. The end of the film Obsessive (2013) is absolutely unpredictable, even if at the beginning the viewer seems that he has already solved the riddle. Human nature is not perfect and everyone can be subjected to desires that will lead to insane passion and loss of mind. The theme of the fanatical relation to the objects of his worship often comes up in the thrillers: the series Cult movies Antivirus, Removed! and others just about where the indulgence of the vicious and undivided passion can get the person. Obsessed (2013) is more than just a scary movie, it's a deep intriguing and philosophical tale, thought-provoking, worthy objects of our adoration for such love actually.

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