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The chain of events in the fantastic series "Heroes" began to unfold with the fact that there was a solar Eclipse, and the Earth plunged into complete darkness. Mystically-minded people saw this as a bad omen and they were right. Other earthlings, before the former absolutely normal, began to discover their supernatural abilities. Each of them was given some kind of talent.nnSo, the girl discovers that her body can not inflict a physical injury. The offender begins so deftly to leave the police, as it has not been possible to anyone before him. The artist who abuse psychoactive substances, draw pictures that describe the events that have yet to happen. For a former COP no longer be the secret thoughts of other people. A young Japanese man gains the ability to control time. And one of the characters and even learns to levitate.nnSoon all of these Characters appears a common enemy. Not having some own talent, he gains the ability to deprive the Heroes of their powers after killing them. With each victim, the villain becomes more powerful. And if it is not stopped in time, it will destroy the whole world.

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