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  • Drama
In the center of the plot of the series "Heroes" are quite ordinary, at first glance, people. So, the girl from the support group Claire wants to go to College, get married and become a successful person in every sense. One day, she discovers a unique ability to regenerate. Nothing can kill Claire. To prove this, she videotapes her own suicide attempts.Once, during one of these attempts, the girl manages to save a man. So she finds her calling, wanting to help others in the future.Nicky Sanders also has unique abilities, but doesn't know it yet. The girl suffers from a split personality, and when the power over her mind takes an alter ego, she becomes almost invincible. In this state, anyone could get hurt at Nicky's hands. The girl herself works as a stripper and tries to pay off large debts. Working on the criminal world, and now and then using the ability, the main character is in the midst of dangerous events. When her beloved dies, D. L., Niki decides by all means to get rid of unique abilities.Peter Petrelli works in a hospital. He works as a nurse and dreams of helping people. Thanks to the unique skills, it becomes possible, because a man can use the abilities of other characters for their own purposes. Being one of the most powerful characters, he is genuinely afraid of harming others.rn

the Characters have different ways of dealing with his gift. Some of them are trying to renounce the abilities, and someone on the contrary uses skills for their own purposes. However, all the characters are interested in the question: why did they have the ability. To this end, the characters come together and begin to look for answers to their many questions.They don't know yet that a dangerous serial maniac with unique abilities is already operating in the country. A man named Sylar kills heroes one by one, getting from this incredible pleasure. He is cunning and strong, and most importantly, completely uncontrollable. Sylar wants to get to each character, making over their victims to an agonizing death.