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Luke Besson is a fearless and risky professional. He acted as a screenwriter and Director of the sci-Fi Thriller Lucy (2014). His adventurous experiments largely introduced viewers confused. After all, it challenges science fiction, futurism and a saturated action movie. This is a rattling mixture that causes both a lot of fans and judgmental thoughts. But at the same time he, as the Creator, gathered a powerful team of Central characters. This is Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, the latter, despite his already decent years, recently brightly lit in Starpertsyah. Film Lucy (2014) watch online which now is a history of revolution the life of a young girl who yesterday was the usual blonde beauty, but today has become a dangerous entity that has outrageous abilities and composure. nnScarlett Johansson herself is no longer accustomed to extreme roles and filming in films with a stormy plot - she honed her skill of being a fragile girl and a real combat unit in a series of films about the adventures of superheroes from the marvel comics - the Avengers, Captain America, and others. But the fantastic film online Lucy-still a new stage of its development as an actress, now she will not just become a superhero, and Superman (before the ability of which nervously smoke even the famous X-Men), and it is much more serious than the image of A black Widow, agree. nnWhat is happening on the screen the action will surprise and tighten the viewer, make tightly chain their attention. The story tells the story of a girl Lucy, who is rapidly becoming a Superman. The whole affair revolves around human abilities. It is widely believed that people use only ten percent of their brain. So, Lucy will overcome this mark and bring it to a maximum of one hundred percent. She will be able to do everything: reduce pain, find the opportunity to control the internal processes of your own body. This has never been done by anyone. What remains a mystery is what will happen to the girl when her brain is activated at full capacity? Filled with vivid and perfect special effects, Lucy's movie, available on this site online for free, will answer all questions.

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