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When the Thunderer and the Lord of Olympus Zeus had a son, not all the gods were happy about it. More precisely, from the appearance of the newborn was not delighted only one Hades – Lord of the underworld of the dead and brother Zeus, who had long hatched a plan to seize power on Olympus. With the birth of Hercules, as he called the son of Zeus, the chances of Hades to reign on mount Olympus began to rapidly evaporate, so that the Lord of the dead decided to eliminate this threat. Following the instructions of Hades, his henchmen gave Hercules an elixir, selecting the divine, and was prepared to kill him, but in some places miscalculated. Hercules had not drunk all the potion, and a considerable part of the power left in him, and the baby was adopted by Amphitryon and Alcmene, who had been dreaming about the baby. Time passed, Hercules grew up and learned from his parents that his incredible strength, agility and speed did not inherit from them. That, however, poorly prepared his to the other news-about the divine origins and about the upcoming feats.

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