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Original Title: Hell on Wheels
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
Channel: AMC
Creators: Tony Gayton,Joe Gayton
Language: English
Description: Cullen Bohannen, after retiring from the Union Pacific, got a job at the Central Pacific. And not a simple worker, not even the chief engineer, and a full-fledged companion. To find a wife and child he was not able, and go to a homeless southerner was nowhere else. He began to get used to the new railway, despite the fact that everything here was not like Durand. The main labor force of Central Pacific is 12,000 Chinese, who work twice as hard as white people and even Negroes. In addition, Asians were paid three times less than them. However, the Irish also worked here. And recently, the Mormon leader, brother young, agreed for a fee to give 800 people from his ward to help the railwaymen. Among these unfortunates, caught in the winter in the impenetrable mountains, were and Mr. Gundersen, aka "Swede," which, unlike other Mormons, and there sees for himself the best direction. He's up to something against Brigan Yang, plunging to their machinations of his son. Cullen will make new friends, among whom will be a suspicious Chinese family - an elderly father and his very young son. But they speak English well, which is an indispensable advantage. This couple is clearly hiding a secret, which Bohannan soon to find out. There will also be a new enemy-a cunning and treacherous Chang, without which, by and large, the construction of "Central Pacific" could not do. After all, it was he who brought cheap labor from China and forced the Chinese to unquestioningly obey the commands of white people. But Bohannen is not a finger. He is not the first year building a railway and will surely find a way out of any, even the most confusing situation.

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