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  • Comedy
A typical American small-town school, with typical youth subcultures and their leaders. The events unfold around the relationship between the two Schoolgirls, which begin almost with friendship, but gradually slide to a Frank confrontation. One of opponents Heather very self-confident with rigid and unpredictable character the girl looking quite unusually for in a role of a star of educational institution. With other hand, quite modest and not quite confident, but very nice Veronica. The conflict begins to develop as a result of the fact that, although quite modest Veronica does not want to put up with excessive attacks from Heather. However, Veronica is alone against a group of unfriendly teenagers. But here comes a young man who becomes her boyfriend. In his face, she gets so much missing her support. The same circumstance is very annoying to the opposite side. The situation is heated to such an extent that it draws the attention of the entire teaching staff, not to mention the students of the school. Both sides are beginning to use in their confrontation methods of UZE far from ordinary children's pranks, but no one is going to lower the degree.