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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
What is it like to have a gift that requires tremendous responsibility? How hard is it to see patients ' hopeful eyes and save their lives every day? Answers to these questions are given to find not everyone, but the main character Alexander Pentier manages to do it. Nature endowed her with unsurpassed talent and Golden hands. The woman took advantage of this gift and now works as a transplantologist in her own clinic. Alex is known throughout the world for surgeons that rank less than a dozen, and women working in this area - all units. That is why the path of the heroine up the career ladder passes through the thorns: few people see an attractive person with a few frivolous, albeit attractive, appearance of a serious and responsible for their actions. In order to become the head of the innovation Department, Alexandra had to go through a lot and prove to the Commission that she is worth this position.rn

and here she is. Now the heroine of the series "Heartbreaking" watch online not only does the operation, running barefoot through the corridors, unable to appease his irrepressible energy, but also teaches interns - their future colleagues, the crowd and pursuing the world-famous cardiac surgeon. However, her wards will have a hard time, because in addition to their own specialization, they are obliged to study the science of other medical positions. At work, everything happens, and not always the right doctor is in place. You need to be ready for anything - this is the thesis guided by Alex, continuing day by day to cover new horizons, develop and teach others.However, it is not only at work that this woman shines. In her personal life, she has the same variety and chaos, except that it is more difficult to keep everything under control and restrain their feelings. Alexandra charms men one by one, but she does not understand what she needs: a non-binding relationship or a strong marriage with a bunch of kids. Every day the heroine tries to find the meaning of her own life, and sometimes it seems that he is very close. Will Alex be able to know his own happiness?