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The new season of the mystical picture "haven " is on the way, which means that very soon all fans of mysticism and fantasy will once again plunge into the fascinating world of supernatural adventures. As we all remember, the plot of the series was based on the novel of the famous and inimitable Stephen king called "the guy from Colorado ". The creators of haven for a long time to choose a place for filming, because it was necessary to try to create a more realistic and frightening world, which from the first minutes of viewing enveloped the viewer purely Sting atmosphere. Their choice fell on the southern coast Of Nova Scotia in Canada, which I must say was just the perfect option for such a film adaptation. The viewer for four seasons in a row does not want to leave these amazing places where there is an unusual fantastic world . But season four of haven has died down, it's time to undertake, and for the continuation of this story. But here all the fans of this story will be the main surprise, unlike the previous seasons, which consisted of 13 episodes, the fifth will delight its viewers for as many as 26 episodes, impoverishing each other two blocks, which simply can not but rejoice. The long-awaited sequel started at the box office on September 11, 2014, so fasten your seat belts and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of mystical adventures. Well, now I suggest a little refresh in memory, how did this unusual story begin. The plot of the picture originates in the small town of haven . It is here on a very important matter comes one of the best agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her name is Audrey Parker, and she will try to unravel the mysterious and full of oddities case involving the death of a former criminal. However, everything is much more interesting than Audrey could have imagined. Arriving at the place, she discovers that this town is just full of people who do not have human superpowers, which they are not always able to control. It turns out that haven has long been a home for such people, who very often abused their unusual strength. Because of her extraordinary curiosity, which is simply impregnated with a clever FBI agent, the girl immediately gets into the epicenter of hot events. To cope with such an untrained person is simply unrealistic, so to help Audrey immediately rush two locals. One of them is a local police officer Nathan Vurno, and the second is a little strange, but very charming boy Duke Crocker. From that moment, Audrey in a place with his newfound team undertakes the investigation of numerous crimes that constantly interfere with the city to live a quiet life. But what will be able to please us the fifth season?!...

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