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The multi-part film "Harvey BRICs" tells the story of the exciting adventures of the mischievous twins Fi and Fu and their diligent and responsible friend Harvey chick. The characters live in a mysterious vast forest, densely populated with amazing animals that are not found anywhere else. Animals are endowed with super abilities and are happy to show them to others.however, even the opponent's most dangerous gift doesn't stop smart pranksters. Restless children now and then become the main characters of funny stories or come up with interesting activities themselves, and their well-mannered friend tries to change a little, to experience the unique emotions available to young hooligans. He desperately does not understand why the guys are completely immersed in the fireworks of unexpected sensations, while their feathered friend is content with only a small part of the fun. Harvey hopes to change at least a little, to learn from the restless children the virtuoso ability to mischief, however, the chick still remains quite disciplined compared to his comrades.One day the company was going to swim in the purest lake in the middle of the forest. All together climbed into the water, when it is unknown where the fountain quickly pushed Fi and Fu on the sandy shore. But this game just encourages children to repeat the attempt to go in the pond. And again they laughed was on the land. Harvey continued to swim peacefully, and he would very much like to participate in such an unusual attraction.as it turned out, the whole reason the spirit of the lake, who decided never to let naughty children in their possession. And that's why the magic power was throwing them away. A winged friend was too good and neat, his deity was not going to drive out of the forest pond. Then the offended hero made vain attempts to become restless, at him under the nose two excellent examples for imitation!rn

Of course, take the example of Fi and Fu was not worth it, they behave badly and often upset parents tricks. But otherwise the chick will not be able to ride on the fountain. Remembering the previous chances to be like friends, resourceful character goes through possible variants of behavior. And the work done was not in vain: happy with his results chick angered spirit, having the opportunity to call his presence in the water fountain.rn

it Will take a little time and Fi together with Fu is older, it will forget about the numerous pranks, which are now capable of. Then they will become more serious and responsible, and while the guys can spend time carefree, traveling on unexplored paths in a mysterious forest during the next walk.Harvey BRICs watch online as the rest of the inhabitants are forced to tolerate restrained unpretentious games familiar to all carefree twins and their pedantic feathered comrade. Until the team runs out of rich imagination and the desire for knowledge of the world, the animals run away from the noisy kids or openly go on the attack, trying to stop them with the help of magical abilities.