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Original Title: HAPPY!
Channel: Syfy,Netflix
Creators: Grant Morrison,Darick Robertson
Language: English
Description: At the time, the hero of the series 'happy' Nick Sachs served in the police. He was on good ultimately and was considered one of the best criminologists. However, excessive love for alcoholic beverages broke his career. He was fired. Since Nick was a great shot, and possessed the professional skills of martial arts, the mafia took advantage of it. soon Sachs began working for a criminal group, which is headed by Francisco Scaramucci. Many people call him 'Mr. blue'. While performing one of the tasks nick was shot and he was in the clinic. A little recovered, Sachs saw the horse a bright blue color. And the unusual animal was eloquent. Nick thought it was a side effect of high-potency meds. However, the newly appeared Pegasus was real and his name is Happy. He is a figment of the imagination of a little girl named Haley. She urgently needs help, because the child was kidnapped by a mentally abnormal man dressed in a Santa Claus costume. Under the circumstances, the former police officer agrees and with a new unusual partner begins to look for Haley.

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