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Bunchman — Svechin, a friendly German family, consisting of parents and two children. One day they get an offer to visit a party called, where among the guests will be present the most natural witch. Externally, it is absolutely no different from others, perfectly merging with the crowd. Suddenly faced with the owner of the dark magic power, the unfortunate family gets huge, insurmountable problems. They behaved improperly in relation to elderly ladies, were treated contemptuously, he joked. To punish the insolent for improper conduct and unnecessary roughness, the wicked witch sends the rude, stupid family is a terrible curse, turning them into horrible monsters. The father becomes like the offspring of Frankenstein, the mother acquires the ability of vampire, the son turns into a furry werewolf, and the daughter dries to a state of medieval mummies. You can watch online cartoon We beasts 2017 in good quality for free, without registration.Turning into scary monsters, shocked by the turn of events Bunchman, gradually come to their senses and agreed immediately to go in search of the culprit all misfortune. They go on a long journey, where they are waiting for unforeseen complicated situations and difficulties. Supernatural transformation unwittingly contributes to rethinking of previous actions, relationships with loved ones. Relatives begin to appreciate what they did not notice before, establish relationships, establishing mutual understanding in solving complex problems along the way. Previously, they did not pay enough attention to family communication, were not interested in the thoughts and needs of others. Now I had to unite in front of the risky, forming a friendly team, ready for any sacrifice.