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Already today, various reality shows are very popular among the mass audience. "Behind the glass", "Hunger", "House - 2" and many others show viewers the lives of different people who have nowhere to hide from the views of television cameras, without decorations. That is why it is not surprising that such a phenomenon began to gain momentum in the cinema, and the visual mind increasingly began to offer films about people caught in such games. As a rule, the action of such films takes place in the future, when the audience is tired of watching the peaceful developments on the screen. They wanted the violence and the blood. Suffice it to recall the sensational Hunger games to understand what will be discussed in the fantastic Thriller Gamer, which, incidentally, is very similar to the action movie running Man, the main role played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie Gamer(2009) - bloody slaughter in a computer of a reality show, where the characters become real people. High technologies have reached such development that they can easily connect reality with illusion, and a person with a computer. The genius of computer technology Ken castle created an unusual video game, combining the game "Killer" with a reality show. Puppets in this Game are criminals, and players - those who have sufficient funds to pay for their participation. Bored fat cats perceive their victims as just computer characters, " Sims." One of these Sims is John Tillman, whose role was played by a talented actor Gerard Butler-the hero of films such as the fall of Olympus or a Preacher with a machine gun, a prisoner who was sentenced to life imprisonment. And the main antagonist of the film played by Michael Hall, in which many know a serial killer Dexter. The protagonist of the movie Gamer that was released in 2009, is ready to do anything to get free and prove that he did nothing, so the Game is for him the only possible way to freedom. His name in the game is cable. And now a former prisoner, now a driven character cable because of its strength and indomitable desire to be free, it becomes almost a national hero, passing through level after level. An exciting game is broadcast online around the world, and millions of people watching the deadly battles of suicide bombers. But not everyone likes this computer "miracle", Ken castle has opponents - a group of rebels who consider the game a high - tech slavery, and cable-the main element, which by all means should not be destroyed. Thus, the main character of the fantastic film Gamer (2009) is between two opposing forces, none of which is interested in his victory. Can John Tilman win this brutal massacre and restore justice?

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