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  • Drama
In the early eighties, few people could think that technology would take such an important role in our lives, and all because computers were too expensive and cumbersome. However, even then there were those who could confidently say that very soon there will be a technical breakthrough. At the same time, the young genius decides that you can make very good money if you introduce a special technology to build computers. This will make them less bulky and allow you to replace the broken part at any time. It remains the case for small, to find those who will help to translate into reality, given that the Finance guy is very limited. to help him come to the students, are well aware, to aspire to the hero, and thus they decide to come together and create needed development. The guys were lucky they really could in the shortest possible time to create something that blew up the whole world of technology. They were able to prove the benefit of their invention, but to enter the market has proved much more difficult. They are not the only one who worked on a similar project and firm giant, which was their competitor, despite the fact that she worked much slower due to the lack of such genius, she was not going to miss out on the market anyone and intends to keep its primacy and unity. What will the guy do now and will he be able to realize his dream?

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