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The plot of the serial sci-Fi Thriller "Halo: Nightfall" is based on the events of the famous game series "Halo", the setting is familiar to many gamers. The action takes place in one of the Outer colonies of the human race, on the planet Sedra. This is an extremely hostile place for people, a stronghold of radical terrorists.nnThe task to investigate and, if necessary (which will necessarily arise) to clean up the territory is put before a group of military intelligence officers under the command of jameson Locke. The soldiers immediately after landing on Sedra faced with the lack of hospitality among the local inhabitants. Simply put, they are beginning to systematically destroy. Locke becomes understandable, that against his party is used biological weapons, affecting human consciousness.nnTo have at least some supporters of the local, Jameson is in contact with Randall Aiken. This is a local commander, for his reasons hostile to military intelligence. However, he is forced to cooperate with the group of Locke, for everyone's highest good. Together, the heroes find the source of biological contamination. At the same time, the unit 04 component appears on Sedra, which was considered destroyed by everyone.

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