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The boy Hinata Shouyu once caught the eye of a match of a famous volleyball team. Before the young man never dreamed of becoming an athlete, because mediocre natural data did not give the original guarantee for success in a new hobby. The guy was dumbfounded when one of the players with similar external parameters led his team to victory. "The little giant", as the commentator called the athlete, demonstrated amazing skills and a steady will to win, which won the heart of the outside observer of Hinata.rn

Henceforth the hero of the film worked tirelessly in the gym, exhausting yourself with physical exertion, to reach the level of an idol. In his native school at first there was no volleyball section, but in the senior class the Director, seeing the zeal of the guy and a sincere desire to defend the honor of the school, allowed to gather a worthy team of like-minded peers.Fate severely punished the self-confident athletes, giving them the strongest team as an opponent in the first match. The captain, nicknamed "the king of the court" and his followers defeated the newcomers, but did not break their desire to succeed in the chosen business.a year later, Hinata Shouyu entered high school. He immediately chose as additional activities favorite sport. And at the first training session the boy was a surprise – now recent rivals will work in common cause. Tobio at first, Kageyama was acting overly arrogant, constantly hinting peers in his mediocre talents. Offensive phrases only tempered the character of a freshman, steadfastly restraining the blows of fate. Then the characters were able to get along and even establish themselves as a reliable bunch on the site. Their team "the Crows" is a regular participant of all competitions in Tokyo.rn< p > Volleyball!! watch online as the new composition of the school, Karasuma will face opponents in the regular season. The strongest opponents will meet in the face of an inconspicuous Hinata worthy opponent, whose actions can not be predicted.