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Original Title: H2O: Just Add Water
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
Channel: Network Ten
Creators: Jonathan M. Shiff
Language: English
Description: A glance at the poster is enough to understand that this is a series about the mermaids < i>. By the way something similar is already on our website, but now not about it. So, briefly about the story of H2O: Every student, not to mention adults, we know that H2O is a chemical formula of water and it is water that will play an important role in this youth series. All events develop in distant Australia where the main characters live. Now this is the most common Schoolgirls are not different from their other peers, but very soon their fate will change dramatically. A simple walk on the island of Mccoe makes them real mermaids! Everything happened in one of the magical < I > lunar ponds of extinct volcanoes where they decided to swim girlfriend. By the way call them Cleo, Emma and Reiki, now they are subject to the element of water, but not everything is so simple and fabulous as it might seem at first glance. As you know, for everything in this life you have to pay and the main characters have to go through many trials. Despite the fact that the water obeys their magic, she is also the worst enemy - it turns out that the slightest contact with water causes them to take the image of the mermaids, and to tell others about their new reincarnation, certainly not worth it. How not cool, but someone should be aware of the secret girls, and that person becomes a loyal friend Lewis, he is and his mission in every way to protect the mermaids from the water. Each new series contains new adventures and knowledge of yourself and your abilities. This is incredibly exciting and interesting, especially rapidly events will develop in the second season of the series H2O when the girls will find a new, even more powerful force. Happen it in the same magical pond and now the heroines are subject not only to water but also fire, wind, lightning, fierce cold and even weather! Just imagine what awaits the audience in the new series, because the newfound gift still need to learn. Beautiful scenery, colorful underwater world, intrigue and love stories that's what awaits you when watching the 1,2,3 season of the series H2O: Just add water, you still think to watch or not? Well, of course to watch!

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