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Original Title: Gunpowder
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: BBC One
Creators: Ronan Bennett,Daniel West
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot of the series "Gunpowder" is incredibly religious Catholic Robert Catesby. He lives as an honest man until exactly the moment when the king is not in power, and the Protestant is Sympathetic to the new ruler, he begins to introduce repressive measures against Catholics.being furious, Robert tries to resist the pressure from the government, but all his attempts are useless. Friends and relatives of the main character are trying to save him from trouble, but the main character obsessed with Catholicism simply can not allow his beliefs to suffer from bad influence.rnWhen the pressure of Jacob crosses all boundaries, Robert begins to plan a coup. He wants to kill the king, ensuring that the power was a true Catholic. In 1604, Catesby began to gather around him companions, true believers, ready to do anything for the end, among the conspirators are Henry garnet, sir Robert Cecil and even the famous revolutionary guy Fox. Together they develop an ideal plan that will draw attention to the rights of Catholics. The men want to blow up the house of lords on November 5, 1605, when the king will make a speech to the nobility. The plan thought over to the smallest details meant that only high-ranking people will be under attack, but the poor will not suffer.bought barrels of gunpowder, everyone gets their errands and it seems that the mission is 100% ready. It remains only to place the barrels in the right places under the house of lords, and then the Protestant Jacob will be finished forever. However, at the crucial moment everything starts to go wrong. Someone is betraying Robert Catesby and all his associates for their own a man's life is in danger, but he is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of faith. He will stand to the end on his convictions, and eventually die, holding the icon of the virgin Mary in his hands.

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