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Original Title: Guilty Crown
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Fuji TV
Creators: Tetsuro Araki,redjuice
Description: Hero melodrama Guilty (2015) Jack has long lost his human form and this is not even due to the fact that half of his face is frankly ugly, but due to the fact that her husband works as a killer and constantly takes the lives of innocents for money. In search of entertainment, he goes to the street of red lanterns, but no Putana does not want to enter into a vicious relationship with him because of his frankly ugly appearance and gloomy appearance. Only tin tin understand Jack, and between them ignite an inexplicable feeling. The girl's body is also covered with scars, and the hit man decides to protect her and to pull out of the abyss of Vice at any price. The mutilated killer with the prostitute decide to change the life for good. Melodrama Guilty (2015) is not like sugary movies about love and the history of "moths" sample Black and white sex and watch Asian movie online for free will be interesting to fans of drama and thrillers. Throughout history, a broken couple struggles for their love, and strives to become different, but the scars that life has branded them are not so easy to heal. The gloomy entourage of the melodrama perfectly emphasizes the drama and tragedy of the unusual connection and will not leave indifferent even the most heartless cynic.

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