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Original Title: Guerrilla
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Showtime,Sky One
Creators: John Ridley
Language: English
Description: The continuation of the American television series - romance, created by Lee Daniels and his partner Danny Strong. In the center of the events of this picture is an African American family with the name of Lyon. The head of the family was born in a large family in one of the poorest black areas of Philadelphia. Thanks to hard work, strength of mind and dedication, he was able to break out of the mud and poverty and become a consequence of the head of a large Corporation Empire Enterprise. Our main character has skeletons in the closet, which he would prefer not to mention. As a teenager, the young man was a drug dealer and was associated with a local gang. The guy from childhood had a musical talent, which, in spite of all his dirty deeds helped him to escape from poverty. The love of music forced the guy to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction. In 18 years Lucius recording hip-hop album, which is becoming increasingly popular. With what actually start to build a career guy and a decent capital family. Now Empire Enterprise except music lets out a line of fashionable clothes. Family's even welcome in the white house. But alas, happiness does not last long and our hero learns that he suffers from a serious illness and he has only 3 years to live.For the post of President of the company after his father's death claimed three son Lucius. They all vary greatly in character and degree of decency…

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