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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Do you believe in fairy tales? Everyone is familiar with this genre, but is it worth taking it seriously? This story is riddled with fabulous mysticism that can surprise even the most hardened skeptic. The main character Nick is a successful detective. Which specializiruetsya on the murders. He knows everything about them. And here is about itself he could say quite a bit, especially about its pedigree. a Huge surprise for the main character was the news that he belongs to an ancient family of hunters. They're called grimms. Their main task is to fight with the supernatural, with the otherworldly in the human form. Nick chose a difficult kind of activity associated with risk and danger. But it turned out that this is just an echo of the future destination. In an instant, the whole world was different, danger is waiting at every step, and the monsters and fairy – tale events described in the stories of the brothers Grimm-not just skillfully recorded fantasies, and the harsh reality that can be seen only by a select few. All mankind is constantly in danger and needs daily help from the Grimms, but what if in the modern world there is only one defender, able to protect society?

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