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It is believed that female friendship does not exist, what can be argued. However, no one has canceled the female feud, which is quite real. The main characters of this story on their own example showed how fierce can be a fight of real women for the title of the most beautiful and attractive. Grace and Frankie entire life vied with each other, they tried to exceed themselves on beauty and success. While there was a fierce rivalry, the ladies did not even notice that something was wrong with their beloved husbands. While the legal spouses were busy, their husbands fell in love and decided to legalize non-traditional relationships. At first, the girls were puzzled by this situation, but then decided to take revenge. What is most surprising, they also decided to join forces, taking revenge on unfaithful husbands for their order to take revenge on the unfaithful spouses, the two rivals decided to act together. Initially, it was difficult for the rivals to find a common language, but everything changed after a while. They have developed a cunning plan of revenge, performing which, they did not notice how they became best friends. As it turned out, the ladies all this time was happy, though for many years the hatred just didn't notice this fact. We wish you pleasant viewing!

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