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  • Drama
The focus is on three ordinary women who had children. They live in a quiet city. Here there is no game. Children grow up and their maintenance requires more money, and salaries of heroines are not increased at the same time. This leads to women deciding to cross the line of the law. Urgently need to get the money and they are ready for the cause to take risks. Three friends do not find a better option, how to commit a robbery of the store, as on TV constantly showed robbers, who easily managed to escape responsibility. The girls decided to join forces and commit a daring crime. for a long time, they studied the store security system to prevent errors. For the robbery they needed a weapon, but the money for real guns was not. They decided to go to work with toy models. On the appointed day, the women broke into the supermarket and took with them an impressive amount of money. To the surprise of the ladies all is easy, fast and fun. Criminal activity is taking over women and they are beginning to plan larger crimes. And for all this happiness of a friend I see no problem. However, law enforcement agencies are not asleep. They're looking for a group of bandits.

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