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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
As a child, Keith "Kik" Lannigan becomes a victim of kidnapping, but she is rescued by FBI agent Frank Novak. Since then, the girl, who survived a severe psychological trauma, suffers from sudden bouts of uncontrollable fear and panic attacks. To leave the past behind forever, Lannigan begins to practice martial arts, trains to shoot weapons, and eventually accepts Novak's offer to join their new unit, which is engaged in the search for missing people. This decision gives Kik the opportunity to face his own fear, and to help people who, like her, were once abducted.Cooperation with the FBI opens up new prospects for Lannigan. She helps to unravel the most difficult cases related to the disappearance of people: finds the missing girls who used the app to travel, looking for the father of the family, kidnapped in the middle of the street, and even goes on the trail of a well-organized gang engaged in human trafficking.Doesn't let go of the past and Frank Novak who takes to heart every case he's working on. Once he was never able to solve a high-profile crime, and now does everything possible to ensure that this never happened again.all of a Sudden, Keith returns to life, Mel foster, her kidnapper, whom she has been desperately trying to forget for the past fifteen years, but Lannigan has no intention of giving herself up. Now the girl has no other options but to punish her abuser once and for all by sending him to prison, where he belongs.