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  • Western
Late 19th century. wild West. In one small village of the population were only children and women. It so happened that all the men worked at the mine, and the explosion that occurred, took their lives. Widows have to solve their own problems. Everything was quiet in this town until the moment when it did not hide the fugitive bandit. He stole a large sum of money, while throwing the leader himself. Now the whole gang is on his trail, led by Frank Griffin. The man is one of the most dangerous men in the West. Even losing his arm didn't stop him.all residents of the town are in danger. But Sheriff Fletcher could not provide the peace of its citizens. He is more concerned about his own interests, he has his own disease, and also a daughter, whom he does not want to deal with, because he blames her for the death of his beloved wife. A dangerous neighborhood with thugs does not Bode well. They're planning to blow up a train full of people. Who can stop them, except for the useless Sheriff?

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