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Series "devourer of the Gods" watch online is not only because of the bright plot, but also for the rich mythology of the project.rn

the Action anime series develops in 2071, when on planet Earth there is a strange and extremely aggressive creature. These hitherto unknown animals evolve at a terrifying rate, simultaneously becoming more violent and aggressive. Unfortunately for humanity, it is humans that monsters choose as their main enemies. As a result, in just a couple of years of hostility, the number of inhabitants of the Earth is reduced by 100 times, while the number of monsters is only growing.rn

Between the two types of begins a terrible war, and the preponderance of forces in it is not on the side of the people. The thing is that the creatures, nicknamed Aragami, were absolutely invulnerable to the weapons that the world had. Killing thousands and millions of people with impunity, Aragami came close to becoming the dominant race on Earth.rn

However, from the beginning of the war, his underground activity was conducted by the organization "Fenrir". Their main goal was the invention of weapons that could destroy monsters, forever erasing them from the face of the Earth.years Pass, and Aragami still continue to kill people with impunity, boasting of his invulnerability. The remains of survivors have to build huge, impregnable walls to protect themselves from monsters, but often this method of survival is ineffective. Because of the fear of imminent death, people try to avoid Aragami, accepting defeat in absentia. One day, Fenrir is making progress in the invention of deadly weapons. Their invention is called Jinke, but it can only own the best warriors who have passed through a genetic mutation.one of these soldiers is the main character of Rank Utsugi, who deeply hates the cruel creatures that destroyed his family. The young man has passed the compatibility test with genetic material Aragami, the result of which became almost invincible warrior.using the latest technology, Utsugi and his loyal comrades fight monsters that have destroyed the flourishing human world. Such fighters with incredible abilities received the honorary title of "devourers of the gods", but despite the presence of the most modern weapons in their Arsenal, not every outing turns into a victory. Monsters are extremely resourceful and clever, besides, they are capable of rapid evolution. Sooner or later, deadly weapons will cease to work against them, and then human civilization will again be on the verge of extinction.rn

Uzuki not immediately joins the team gods eaters, but gradually gets friendly relations with the newcomer Fujiki Cat, with the head unit Anemia Lindo. Difficult forays temper the main character, making him one of the best eaters of the gods in the world. However, Utsugi don't even realize that his attachment to friends and colleagues can backfire.rn

to Watch the first season of "eaters of the gods" very interesting, do not forget that this anime made a splash in their homeland in Japan.