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Billy Frank from childhood had a beautiful voice that attracted the attention of the public and forced people to break away from their usual activities to listen to its owner. However, the audience and her, and her mother Lillian, who worked as a singer, is not always lucky, and they are barely making ends meet. After another dismissal from the club Lillian fell asleep with a cigarette in hand and accidentally started the fire, after which social services took her and Billy gave the girl to a shelter.Growing up, Billy and his friends from the shelter became a dancer and once attracted the attention of the producer, who was looking for attractive dancers and backing vocalists for sexy, but does not have the talent of singer silk. This first work, which Billy agreed only under the pressure of friends, eventually attracted the attention of a man who decided to make a real star already with Billy. However, when a professional relationship begins to interfere with personal and Billy and her producer will have a hard time.

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