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The "glee" (Glee) talks about a high school loser who by chance find themselves United in a common cause. Teacher will Schuester with labour seeking permission to create a school choir. the group "New direction" is going unusual company. Unloved by everyone and dreaming of becoming a singer, an excellent student, a pregnant high school student, the captain of the football team, a bully, a young gay, girls from the support group, a boy in a wheelchair – everyone comes to the choir for their own reasons and finds salvation in it. Will's task is not only to teach them to sing and move, so that the guys can win at regional competitions, but also to show them what it means to be a team. And also not to let sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach, shut down the glee club and destroy what will created.throughout the series, viewers can watch how young heroes are friends and quarrel, fall in love and disperse, how new couples are created and old connections are destroyed. Glee (Losers) watch online recommended to watch for those who like success stories and beautiful love story.

from the first series, the viewer is plunged into the confusing relationship of the main character, Rachel. The girl no one likes, for her tenacious nature. But Rachel herself is in love with the captain of the football team Finn. He meets the main girl cheerleader Quinn, part-time captain of the abstinence club. Finn does not suspect that his beloved meets his best friend and expects him to have a child. The heroes have to deal with their complicated relationships and find parents for the unborn baby.

it's not just students who can't sort out their relationship. In parallel with the creation of the choir, will Schuster tries to build a relationship with another teacher, his beloved Emma. However, in the way of his happiness are the first guy, and then Emma's husband.

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