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The plot of the animated series Gintama, which can be viewed online on our website, are the events that occurred in the era of Bakumatsu.rn

Japan, mid-nineteenth century. At this time the planet is attacked by aliens known. Their black ships landed in the land of the rising sun with one goal – to capture the Earth. Brave Japanese tried to fight for his native land, but samurai swords and shotguns, which were a ashigaru, nothing could counter the high technology of the invaders.the Aliens found it unprofitable to destroy the earthlings, and they did everything to make people obey their power. So the Shogunate came under amanto's command.the only group that has continued to resist the invaders is the group of Jay. Earlier, when the alien has not been, Jay was the leader of the national movement. The first war samurai from Joey with aliens occurred twenty years ago. It ended with a complete defeat of people. But their spirit wasn't broken. They remained determined, hoping to free the planet from amanto. Ten years later, the samurai tried again. During the second war, Joey joined the group of four friends: Katsura, Sakata, Sakamoto and Takasugi. Soon, their exceptional personal qualities led them to become rebel leaders. Unfortunately, this war was also defeated by the, the Jai group has become a terrorist organization that continues to resist the new government. The Shogunate and Shinsengumi are after the members of this group.the main character of the animated series Gintama is Gintoki Sakata. He used to be the leader of Jay, now he left the organization and is doing everything to just survive. And to live in Japan under the occupation of aliens is very difficult. Amanto brought people a new health care system. But the real samurai were in a desperate situation because the new laws forbid them to wear samurai Gintoki still lives a true Japanese spirit, and it is very oppressive circumstances. He and his companions, Kagura and cute. Shimura, trying to make money in any way possible. Kagura is one of the most powerful dynasties in the Universe. Simpati came to Gintoki to be his disciple. With them lives pet Kagura – huge dog chef sadaharu. This beast has a funny habit. He tries to bite the head off anyone who is near his muzzle.Together they are Jack of all trades. Friends the strength to cope with any, even the most ridiculous order. They can save the world and find the missing cat. Friends take on any business, just to get paid, because they have to pay for housing and buy their own food.rn

Sometimes the handyman has to face with members of the group of Za, pirates, Harusame or Shinsengumi. Members of the organization Jay can't forgive Gintoki for leaving them. Often these clashes put friends in a dangerous position, but they always manage to find a way out, escape, get out.