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Lorelai became pregnant at sixteen, seriously puzzling wealthy parents, raising it only important and decent values. Another surprise was the refusal of a speedy marriage with the father of the child. The guy did not care about the baby who was born and did not want to live together, so the girl made an independent choice, which no one expected. The heroine moved to a provincial town, where she became a co-owner of a small hotel. Tired of the constant reproaches, bustle of the metropolis, she wanted a calm, quiet existence, together with her beloved child. Lorelai managed to raise a wonderful daughter. Rory faced children's complexes, experiences and worries of the first love, but a caring mother was always there to support in difficult times. The girl dreamed of becoming a famous journalist and has worked strenuously to the intended purpose. Mother managed to meet a beautiful man with whom she felt happy and established a relationship with his father and mother, and Rory went to University to get an education and achieve success in life. But what happened to them in the future? Has the daughter turned into a famous journalist, and how was the fate of her mother, years later?