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  • Mystery
In the new action-Packed TV series "Gul" from Netflix, India faces regular terrorist attacks, and begins to conduct active counterterrorism activities, creating paramilitary capture groups, and attracting talented negotiators. Under the guise of emergency measures, the government establishes a military regime with many restrictions. Most people are forced to accept the current state of Affairs, but not all are willing to sacrifice their rights and freedoms. There is a secret resistance that goes underground struggle with the government.

rnNida Rahim under the influence of propaganda enters the Academy, where military specialists are trained. The girl, eager to serve their country, and even is a serious crime against his family – rents to the authorities of his own father, a University Professor, who kept and distributed the banned teachings among students.

rnSuch loyalty does not go unnoticed. Nida will be muffled on secret military base where under a signature stamp interrogations of dangerous criminals are secretly carried out. For Rahim this is a chance to quickly move up the career ladder, and build a brilliant career. On interrogation to it cite Ali saeda, one of the most dangerous terrorists of our time, but Nida even not has hit on, that already quite soon will face otherworldly entity, living within criminal.

rnGhoul-Indian mini-series, consisting of 3 episodes, which is a whole intricacy of genres of mysticism, drama and horror.