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Original Title: Ghosted
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX
Creators: Tom Gormican
Language: English
Description: Two wonderful comedian, small smart Adam Scott and a huge merry fellow Craig Robinson, United in one team for a paranormal Comedy on the theme of Ghostbusters aliens devils in a stupa.a Couple of completely different men (a total skeptic and a fervent supporter of all crazy theories) are kidnapped and against their will involved in a secret project to investigate supernatural events that inexplicably have become more frequent in recent times. The strange appearance and character of the subjects, suspicious circumstances, rising hysteria - there's even threatening the assumption that unknown dark forces are preparing the Apocalypse of all things. Surprisingly, only Leroy and Max, the same kidnapped klutz, are able to stop the end of the world and save the planet. At least, so the imperious predator Ava, the Director of the center and the head of confidential missions claims.Stunned and not believing their own eyes heroes find themselves in underground the center of the planning operations, which under the cover of conducts super-secret government organization Underground. Why these people needed two, to put it mildly, a jerk, it turns out not immediately, but from the first minute of the Comedy will be very fun and funny. The first secret mission newfound companions almost failed and almost died, but the experience of fighting paranormal evil does not come immediately. The guys are learning, gaining knowledge and are ready for new tests. Whoever turned out to be a sinister scoundrel, alien invader, infernal bloodthirsty creature, a supernatural monster with an incomprehensible agenda – beware, parasite, on your soul (if it is) are gambling, risky and daring hunters.

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