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Brent, formerly a good racer, lives with his wife in Sofia and prepare to celebrate Christmas. But on the eve of the holiday, his wife is kidnapped, and the man is in a very difficult situation. Come on! (2013) - criminal militant, in which the driver Brent to save his wife must follow all the instructions of a stranger. The first task of the criminal, played by John Voight, the hero of the film beyond, was the kidnapping of the Mustang car, on which he, thanks to his talent, must perform a series of robberies.nnThe main character of the film Drove!, which was performed by Ethan hawk (Ship of the night, Sinister) must unquestioningly listen to the instructions of the criminal who watches him every second. Any violation is fraught with consequences, and his wife kidnapped will lose one finger on his hand. If Brent does a series of robberies, then his wife will be released. But in terms of the offender interferes with a young girl, wanted to steal a Mustang. Now she too is involved in this bloody game in which one wrong step can lead to death. But her knowledge of electronics can help the main character to save Lynn and not let him die by himself. nnMost of the events of the film Drove! it takes place in a car that is involved in dangerous races in Sofia. The plot is in constant dynamics, the main character somewhere rushes at an inconceivable speed, risking himself to save his wife. Monotonous instructions of the criminal, intrigue, passions and excitement for the main character keeps the viewer Chased!, (2013) in tension until the last seconds. What is the insidious plan, thought out to the smallest detail, if a person b